Eternal Wallet registration now exceeded to 10,000!

This campaign has ended on March 17, 2017.
Everyone who registered and introduced us... Thank you very much!!!

Create your own Eternal Wallet now and invite your friends or family. Once they have created
their Eternal Wallet, you will be gifted with 『10 Eternal coin』 as 『Happy Coin』 & your introduced
friends, family also will be gifted『10 Eternal coin』.

Share the latest popular topic, virtual currency with
someone! Would you like to share your happiness with
your friends & family?
Feel like want to introduce your friends & family a
「good thing」 that can make them happy?
You can achieve it through our 「Happy Coin」 campaign!
「Happy Coin」 will be triggered once both user and introduced
person have successfully create an Eternal Wallet!
User and introduced person will be gifted with 『10 Eternal coin』
Of course, the campaign is available for existing wallet users too!

The Eternal Coin is a virtual currency that created in Japan.
Besides remittance, we provide settlement in the available stores around the world.
For further details

Title Introduce Eternal Wallet and each will be granted up to 10 coin!
Period The event ends once Eternal Wallet users have reached 10,000 users!
How to apply Through application forms
Maximum Introduce 10 users per introducer
Requirements Over 18 age
Management company ETERNAL LINK Co, Ltd.
Contact Send an email

10 coin will be granted to both introducer and person introduced
once we have confirmed the requirements have been fulfilled.